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Family Law Resources

A destination to learn about Family Law and associated fields

We provide case summaries and resources of interest to assist lawyers doing family law work. We also operate as a unique content library for members of the public who are going through or about to go through a legal separation.

What is Family Law?

Specialist family law courts have jurisdiction to hear cases about matters including married couples intending to divorce, disputes about parenting arrangements for children after separation, property settlement or other financial issues following separation.

Many people thrown into the family court system are overwhelmed, so we’ve put together a glossary that explains key terminology.

Recent key case summaries

Family Law, like any practice of law, develops over time, as key cases create a precedent. This in turn shapes future litigation. We’ve summarised what we understand these cases to be, and explain the decisions.

Family Law in conversation

These resources are intended to provide discussion and unique points of view to assist lawyers in better comprehending the family law system. They include interviews and articles in collaboration with remarkable individuals.

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